Run alpine linux on android vmConsole

Run alpine linux on android vmConsole

 Use an Android OS virtual machine to run Linux. Driven by QEMU. No need for root or KVM.


 You may run the Alpine Linux distribution in a virtual machine on your Android device using a free and open-source software. For software developers, testers, system administrators, and even Linux enthusiasts, vmConsole is a powerful tool thanks to the thousands of packages that can be installed from online repositories.

 The majority of devices running Android 7.0 and higher should be compatible with this application, which is developed on top of the QEMU x86 64 system emulator. It is not necessary to have installed modified firmware or to have rooted your smartphone. The lack of KVM acceleration means that performance will be poor.

 True to its name, vmConsole is a console or "terminal" program. Through an Xterm-compatible terminal, input and output are being handled.

 screen. Do not plead for Wayland or Xorg support.

 Utilizing vmConsole requires competent Linux administration knowledge!

 Examples of typical vmConsole application usage scenarios

 Investigating the Linux universe =)


 software evaluation


 TOR hidden service usage

 Web site crawling and archiving

 The most crucial consumption data is incorporated as the MOTD displayed after vmConsole login. If you have some basic to intermediate Linux knowledge, you may quickly get further information. There is also a Wiki where certain fundamentals are explained.

 It is strongly advised that you consult the Alpine Linux Wiki.

 the project

 The main goal of this project is to combine a competent Android QEMU port, a terminal emulator, and a small but reliable Linux distro. Imagine it as a headless virtual PC that is capable of running every command-line program that is accessible on standard computers. Compared to alternatives like Limbo PC or UserLAnd, the vmConsole performs far better so far.

 On Termux, vmConsole is based. It is the branch from which many GUI and terminal features are derived. The source code is made available under the same or a similar license (GPL v3.0). Please keep this in mind if you fork the vmConsole software.

 I actually don't welcome pull requests or feature requests because this project is more of a personal endeavor. Nevertheless, you can report

 You can describe issues such as programme crashes or other runtime issues using the bug report form.Additionally, if I deem it essential, I may modify the APK file distribution method or perform a Git rebase.

 Keep in mind that the author owes you nothing. I don't care if you use vmConsole exactly as it is or not at all.


 The operating system that powers vmConsole is called Alpine Linux.

 The suggested SSH client for use with vmConsole is ConnectBot.

 The emulator and virtualizer QEMU serves as the basis of vmConsole.

 vmConsole makes use of some of the popular Android OS terminal emulator Termux

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