The best sites for profit from shortening links for beginners 2023


The best sites for profit from shortening links for beginners 2023

The field of profit from shortening links is considered one of the best and easiest areas of profit from the Internet in the year 2022 for beginners, especially with the increase and spread of link shortening sites that pay a good percentage for Arab countries. I decided to present to you important strategies that enable you to achieve more than 30 dollars per day from the best sites links shortcut

 How to earn more than $ 30 a day from link shortening sites

 For those who do not know how to make money from this field, it is very easy, as you choose an important website link, product, or link and shorten it through one of the profitable sites that broadcast its advertisements until you reach that link and pay you in return for that for every thousand skips between 2 To 8 dollars, depending on the CPM for each site, and therefore I will present to you the best sites that you must subscribe to now in order to achieve a large financial profit from this wonderful and easy field.

 How to profit from shortening links via Facebook

 Facebook is the best place to get many visits and great traffic for everyone who wants to make big profits from the field of shortening links, so today I will show you two ways to profit easily.

 Profit from shortening links by publishing them in large groups

 This method of profit is easy, and its profits can exceed 6 dollars per day, and most importantly, it is very suitable for beginners, because it is simply a way to profit without investment, meaning that you will shorten the link and publish it in large groups

 Related to the same field of the link that you shortened to get targeted traffic and ensure that people click on your link.

 Here, my brother, I give you magical advice to increase your profits in a crazy way, which is instead of publishing the short link directly, you should put a motivational post about the content of that link, with the addition of an attractive picture to attract the attention of the group members, and send the link to everyone who puts a comment. Your post reaches the largest number of people, and you guarantee that your profits will be doubled easily, because everyone who will comment is an interested person, meaning that the percentage of him bypassing that link will be large, and that your profits will be excellent.

 Profit from shortening links without publishing them

 The second way to profit in the field of shortening links is by using Facebook, that is, you will promote on your page an article or video that you have previously shortened through one of the reliable link shortening sites with an attractive image to attract the largest number of interactors with the post.

 I will present to you an excellent idea that contributes to increasing your profits, which is

 If you search for an article or video that is strange and attracts people, or content that has great controversy, this will contribute to profit from Facebook easily, as the cost of the funded advertisement that you will do will be low compared to the profits that you will earn from link shortening sites.

 We assume that you spent $ 20 in your campaign, and each ad came with more than 10,000 ad skips, and we assume that the CPM of that site is $ 6, and your profits will be $ 60

 That is, you spent $ 10 to win 60, and your financial return is $ 50.

 How can you profit from shortening links via Twitter?

 Your use of profit from Twitter will enable you to achieve great profits in the field of shortening links, especially if you work smartly, my friend. Unlike Facebook, Twitter never bans link shortening sites, and the best solution to increase your profits is to use active hashtags on Twitter and shorten articles and news A task related to the active hashtag.

 Profit from shortening links

 Imagine, my friend, that you targeted a strong hashtag currently in the state of America and managed to lead it, and that the post you published contained important news related to that hashtag? You will achieve fantastic profits via Twitter in this way.

 What is the best site that I recommend in the field of shortening links?

 1_ Time Door website

 I recommend this site to be the best profitable site for this year, especially since its owner is a famous YouTuber, which increases credibility and continuity of work.

 To subscribe to it, it is via the profit from shortening links link

 The site is honest and currently pays via PayPal, and the following is proof of a profit of $ 650 in less than a month.

 If you work in a good way and with the strategies mentioned in the first article, I guarantee you a profit from shortening links of $9 within an hour or less.

 Profit from shortening links

The best sites for profit from shortening links for beginners 2023

 Now, my dear brothers, I will show you the best strategies that helped me personally win this large amount in a short period of time.

 1 Profit sites from contests through likes

 You will inevitably find on Facebook pages many competitions that ask followers to bring likes and interactions on their posts in exchange for excellent gifts, so we will take advantage of these competitions and divert people interested in obtaining a large number of likes for free by offering them a free application that is integrated with a short link and This will ensure that your profits increase.

 The site you need is here

 2 Posting in Facebook groups without ban

 Many people are looking for ways to get free traffic from Facebook by bringing in visitors easily, but of course the manual method is cumbersome, so it is not possible to post in many groups easily. It will be brief, dear brother, to increase your profits.

 3 serials paid software

 Here, you will really get a large number of visitors to your short link, as most people are looking for paid serials in a free way, such as VPN programs or other paid programs.

 Here you can create a group via Telegram to publish your short links and enter Facebook groups and inform them that you provide this service in your channel on the Telegram application.

 2 _ linkfinal site

 It is one of the best sites for profit from shortening links for beginners, with great features that it offers when registering and working, such as providing $ 0.25 as a gift to everyone who requests their first money withdrawal, and also offers a GoPro camera as a gift to everyone who requests to withdraw $ 50 from the site.

 The site is characterized by good profits for the Arab countries, especially Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, at $ 7 for every 1000 visits, and the site is honest, and I leave you in the next picture proof of my payment for this site.


 For reference only, these sites are not the only ones, as you can also use other large sites such as the getsurl link shortener site

Time Door


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